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The kinds of aluminum case

Aluminum transfer cases are a vital component of your car, truck or motorcycle. They house the gears for your vehicle’s transmission. An aluminum case can crack or erode over time due to age and amount of usage. For some older vehicle models it may be difficult to replace these casings. If there is a crack in your aluminum transfer case, instead of replacing it, you can weld the crack and extend the life of the case.
The word plastic is derived from the words plasticus (latin for “capable of molding”) and plastikos (greek “to mold,” or “fit for molding”). For example, some types of impact-resistant (shatterproof) plastics and heat-resistant plastics are made by blending different plastics together. Standard base-cabinet height: 34 Inches standard counter height: 36 Inches maximum counter height: 38 Inchesdistance between counter and upper cabinets: 15 To 18 inches base cabinet requirements: A kitchen less than 150 square feet should have at least 13 feet of base cabinets. These plastics have a spectrum of properties that are derived from their chemical compositions.
The aluminum transfer case houses the gears for your car’s transmission. The transfer case can crack due to wear and tear of the transmission on the case. It’s hard to find a replacement transfer case for older cars, so welding will be your only solution. Welding your aluminum transfer case will securely seal the crack and allow you to reuse the transfer case.
Makeup train cases can be purchased through places like Wal-Mart & Target. Mac also sells a personal line of makeup cases. You can customize your own by adding a personal touch.
Aluminum box body is made of high quality aluminum profile, with a solid structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use, etc, are widely used in the beauty salon, combination tools, jewelry, watches, stage, instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart card, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries, is the ideal body high-end instrumentation.
Box table fabric adopt aluminum or imported ABS or PVS its skeleton is specially developed aluminium profile, the coating resistant oxidation, looks generous temperament, can choose different color box body surface, inner color can choose various styles of non-woven fabric or import of EVA material, the style of housing can be rectangular or rounded.
Requirements: each specifications of the bags has alloy aluminum plate and special plastic board two kinds of materials, a variety of design and color for the user to choose; The lining in the cabinet according to user requirements with different materials, different design and color of the lining cloth, all kinds of high quality sponge; According to user’s actual need, also the lining in the hard sponge processing, can be tailored to all sorts of modelling, so that the equipment and its accessories inlaid among them. Product features: high strength, impact resistance of all kinds of bags are up to 100 kg, at full capacity (after loading instrument) from 4.5 meters height of free fall, after the physical performance and accuracy of the instrument are in the cabinet without any change. Moistureproof performance is superior, in more than 90% humidity environment static to 48 hours, the items in the oven without any exception. Good buffer, box on the outside after a long period of time (30 days) after a variety of ways, all kinds of road transportation, the equipment in the cabinet without exception, no damage. Carrying capacity is strong, civilian luggage capacity greater than 50 kg, industry, national defense with luggage capacity greater than 100 kg (or custom paint box).
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Box body is made of non-woven fabric or import transparent acrylic plate and aluminum frame structure, box by 1 PCS delicate hand, beautiful, practical and easy. Activity inside an aluminum bracket, are free to lift, move, inside structure can be designed according to customer’s requirement.
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The Different Types of Amplifier Flight Cases

A flightcase is a transportation container used to safely pack and transport anything that needs protection. Heavier versions may be referred to as road cases, and the terms are fairly interchangeable, with road case being the more common term in the United States. Originally, such cases were used by rock and roll touring bands to transport sound equipment, lighting equipment and musical instruments. Today, flightcases are used to transport various types of delicate equipment. In addition to providing protection, the case can allow rack mount equipment to be left largely interconnected and ready for use. Custom foam inserts are often created to cradle particularly expensive gear within the case and protect it from shock or vibration in transit. Accessories such as slide-out drawers, flip-out tables and hanging clothes bars can be incorporated into the design to create portable wardrobes or workstations.
A flightcase is typically made of plywood sheets riveted to aluminum extrusions which connect them together. Typically, the plywood is protected from wear by a layer of ABS plastic or light aluminum sheet glued on. Composite materials such as Plasti-Clad are sometimes used for strong and light weight cases, at greater expense. Hardware fittings are typically made of galvanized steel. Handles and catches can be surface-mounted or recessed, and are usually robust. Bulky and/or heavy flightcases are often fitted with wheels. Inside walls can be lined with shock-absorbing foams of various densities.
There are several different types of amplifier flight cases manufactured to protect musical instruments from the bumps and banging associated with airline travel. Two of the more popular styles of amplifier flight cases are the aluminum flight cases and the plywood and plastic laminate covered cases. All of the different amplifier flight cases are lined with protective foam and offer both protection against crushing as well as shock from extreme knocks, drops and bumps.
Some amplifier flight case designs incorporate wheel-equipped bases that allow an amplifier to be rolled onto and off of an airplane, stage or truck with ease. This type of case also commonly incorporates a removable cover that can be taken off for performances and replaced when the show is completed. These types of amplifier flight cases are typically some of the most expensive and actually mount the amplifier to the rollerized bottom section of the case for ease of operation. These cases are also stackable and allow several cases to be interlocked together to create a wall of amplifiers for a large show.
Many of the best amplifier flight cases are manufactured from aluminum and offer both crush protection and protection from the elements. Many aircraft do not have heat in the cargo areas. This can subject the instruments housed within the hold of the plane to severe weather changes between hot and cold as the aircraft attains altitude and descends. The protective cases permit the contents to remain at a stable temperature for much longer than typical cases thanks, in part, to the superior insulation inside of the case. There are flight cases designed for small, single-speaker amplifiers, half-stack amplifiers with four speakers and full-stack type amplifiers with eight speakers.
Full-stack amplifier cases commonly require three separate amplifier cases, one for each of the speaker cabinets and one for the power head. On some designs, the cases simply open to reveal an amplifier mounted inside. This allows the crew to set up and tear down stage sets very quickly as the cases need only be closed and secured in order to place them on the truck or into the airplane. It is not uncommon for amplifier flight cases to have the name of the band as well as a designation number stenciled onto the outside of the case. The designation number allows the crew to identify where in the stage design the particular amplifier is supposed to be positioned.