Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welding Method For Aluminum Storage Cases

The main manufacture material of aluminum storage cases is aluminum profile. Generally speaking, aluminum storage cases always have good plasticity, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. At the same time, they own the advantages of antioxidant and anti corrosion.
However there are welding problem in manufacture process. Choose welding method by making characteristics of aluminum storage cases. That is more helpful to to ensure the welding quality.

The material changing will effect the welding quality. So you should consider the aluminum material changes carefully. Finally you can finish welding successfully. Aluminum storage cases welding adopts chemical and machinery methods to clean the oxide film on the surface of weld groove on both sides. After cleaning, you must welding immediately. If placing time has been more than four hours, you had better clean it again. Then you can do welding process.

Different industries have different requirements to aluminum storage cases. Some industries is require to the cases with good moistureproof performance. If the aluminum storage cases have been standing for 48 hours in the environment which humidity is above 90%, the cases still without any abnormal phenomenon. A lot of goods need to be against the tide. For example, cosmetic case have this requirement to the cases.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Popular Aluminum Storage Case

Now more and more aluminum storage case in the public eyes. The most common aluminum storage case includes aluminum instrument case, aluminum makeup case, aluminum tool case and aluminum packing case. Why does people like to choose aluminum case? The main reason is its low density. But aluminum storage case is always in high strength. Aluminum alloy can be processed into various kinds of profiles. They often have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The most important to choose aluminum storage case is that aluminum alloy has beautiful color and appearance. They are not easy to change color and can used for a long time. Aluminum storage case with light weight is convenient to carry. Sometimes people will image that their house could made by aluminum  alloy. It just like a rectangular model. If you have a big truck, you can carry your house to anywhere. It sounds beautiful.

Certainly we can also use aluminum alloy to make different kinds of furniture and daily necessities. Such as wardrobe and kitchen utensils. It will be more cooler than transformers production. Even you can change the shape as your pleasure.