Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aluminum Instrument Case

Aluminum instrument case mainly adopt aluminum alloy frame. Its frame is aluminum profile which is a specialized research and development. We can do the treatment of coating and oxidation according to requirement. Framework is rugged, wear resistant and antioxidant activity. Certainly it looks like natural and own texture.
Aluminum instrument case has good protection for the built-in meter to prevent broken by crash or other external factors in the transportation process. This case is widely used for meter, electronic, communication, automation, sensors, smart card, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. 
The fabric of instrument case can choose different colors to make it diversity in changing. Panel use the ABS pattern plate. It has the advantages of high density, wear-resistant and not easy to penetration. Of course it also can adhesive with many materials. So the case will be more hard and in more stronger bearing.
The world is in progress, the science and technology are in development. So the case is also in changing. Nowadays aluminum case is become more and more in our sight. Usually the most visible is aluminum instrument case, aluminum alloy cosmetic case , aluminum toolbox and aluminum alloy packing case. People like to choose aluminum alloy as mainly material because of aluminum alloy is in low density and high strength. It can processed into various profiles and with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. But the most reason to choose aluminum alloy is its beautiful color and not easy to change. So people can use it for a long time. It is in lighter weight and easy to carry.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Classification Of Aluminum Tool Case

Aluminum tool case can be divide into two types by its application and size. They are big aluminum tool case and small aluminum tool case. Big aluminum tool cases such as flight case and pull rod case are used for out working or travels. There are soft case and hard case to the big aluminum tool cases. The hard case includes double sided aluminum case, ABS case and PP case.
Aluminum case that with aluminum package has exquisite technology and fashion pattern. Its outside package can use high quality aluminum materials and inside package can use EVA to do with shock. Its layout is very suitable. Its materials are mostly high aluminum material. However aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum in some alloy elements. They all have the characteristic of perseverance layout and thermal properties. They are widely used in apparatus, instrument, electronics, communication, automation, sensors, smart card, close machine and other industries. They also ideal body of senior instrumentation. Of course you can not put the case close to fire and corrosive goods to avoid destruction.
Usually you will see some words on the surface of aluminum tool case. Now there are four methods of printing method to print the words. They are flat printing, embossed, intaglio printing and screen printing. Flat printing, embossed and intaglio printing can only print on plane  substrate. But screen printing can print on plane, curved, spherical surface and concave convex surface. Certainly hard and soft substrates all could use screen printing. Surface materials of aluminum tool cases are mainly aluminum plate. At the same time, the aluminum plates have various patterns. So aluminum cases and flight cases will usually use screen printing.