Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aluminum Makeup Case With Multiple Open Type

Aluminum makeup case is popular in the market, because it always has gorgeous design and looks very fashion. This case not only own nice appearance, but also with hierarchical in structure. Professional people who who use the makeup case usually put many things inside. The interior of the cases are mostly composed by non-woven fabric or import transparent acrylic plate and aluminum frame structure. The multi-level structure will division the case perfectly and without any interference problem. It is also convenient to fetch of tools.

Aluminum makeup case is full of various kinds of makeup tool. Sometimes you will feel not convenient, because you always need to rummage for a while to find. So it is very necessary to make a plurality of partition in the case. Different tools put into different partition. That will save many searching times and protect makeup tolls.

Aluminum makeup case with open type has many partitions. The upper and lower layers have been realized different open ways. It is not only saving the space, but also convenient to use. Arranging the tools in good order to get a good method for your job. It looks at comfortable with the rest assured.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welding Method For Aluminum Storage Cases

The main manufacture material of aluminum storage cases is aluminum profile. Generally speaking, aluminum storage cases always have good plasticity, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. At the same time, they own the advantages of antioxidant and anti corrosion.
However there are welding problem in manufacture process. Choose welding method by making characteristics of aluminum storage cases. That is more helpful to to ensure the welding quality.

The material changing will effect the welding quality. So you should consider the aluminum material changes carefully. Finally you can finish welding successfully. Aluminum storage cases welding adopts chemical and machinery methods to clean the oxide film on the surface of weld groove on both sides. After cleaning, you must welding immediately. If placing time has been more than four hours, you had better clean it again. Then you can do welding process.

Different industries have different requirements to aluminum storage cases. Some industries is require to the cases with good moistureproof performance. If the aluminum storage cases have been standing for 48 hours in the environment which humidity is above 90%, the cases still without any abnormal phenomenon. A lot of goods need to be against the tide. For example, cosmetic case have this requirement to the cases.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Popular Aluminum Storage Case

Now more and more aluminum storage case in the public eyes. The most common aluminum storage case includes aluminum instrument case, aluminum makeup case, aluminum tool case and aluminum packing case. Why does people like to choose aluminum case? The main reason is its low density. But aluminum storage case is always in high strength. Aluminum alloy can be processed into various kinds of profiles. They often have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The most important to choose aluminum storage case is that aluminum alloy has beautiful color and appearance. They are not easy to change color and can used for a long time. Aluminum storage case with light weight is convenient to carry. Sometimes people will image that their house could made by aluminum  alloy. It just like a rectangular model. If you have a big truck, you can carry your house to anywhere. It sounds beautiful.

Certainly we can also use aluminum alloy to make different kinds of furniture and daily necessities. Such as wardrobe and kitchen utensils. It will be more cooler than transformers production. Even you can change the shape as your pleasure.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Protective Characteristics To Aluminium Case

With the times goes, high-grade bags look like transformers because they have more and more advantages. Such as waterproof, shock proof and scratch proof. We suggest to choose the case with good collision effects for people who often has long-distance travel. As we all known, the case will withstand roughed up in shipping process. The best choice is aluminium case. However people who often has short trip is tend to soft case with fouling and waterproof. Flight cases made of aluminum could equipped with external laptop bags. So that flight case is easy to using.

Pull rod of aluminium case is important as pulley. If there is some problem with the pull rod in travel, it will be too bad. Aluminium case has clear stratification. Such as dry and wet stratification, folding clothing bags, file storage and other areas. Customers can choose products by their own requirement.

Some flight case has been equipped with universal wheel. So that people could flat push and translation. Certainly some cases also have password lock. The password locks have a variety of styles. The locks can ensure goods safety in the case.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Choose A Suitable Makeup Case

Nowadays more and more women use make up case. Especially for the people who is in team performance and figure photography, making up is a necessary work to them. Generally speaking, compact and convenient makeup bag for daily making up. But people who need large space to load cosmetic products should get a good makeup case.

There are many materials for makeup case, sun as cortex, wood, aluminum. If you want a makeup case at home, we suggest to choose a wood one or a cortex one. The wood one looks more sedate and easy, the cortex one looks light and beautiful, it can used for decorations. Certainly you can choose an aluminum one when you want to get out. People who often need to carry the makeup case out had better buy a professional aluminum makeup case. They always own some advantages, such as reasonable space, firm structure and light weight.

There are many types of aluminum makeup case, such as double cosmetic case, single open cosmetic case,  portable cosmetic case or pull rod cosmetic case. Some aluminum makeup cases are even equipped with light, some are without any light. People can choose the type which they need.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Essential Aluminum Laptop Case

There is no doubt that an aluminum laptop case is indispensable accessories. All laptops are strong, but they need protection actually. Aluminum laptop case provide an additional protection for laptop. At the same time, the aluminum laptop cases also offer extra style and design. In daily industrial, aluminum is also called ingots. There are many kinds of aluminum ingot according to international standard in the world.

You should consider about laptop protection while choosing your laptop case. At first, the shell of aluminum laptop case is rigidity. This is better than soft case. Soft case can not protect laptop enough because it is easy to be damaged with falling or strike. Certainly people may hope it can provide some space for put their portable items. Generally speaking our aluminum laptop case is equipped with some pokes inside. So you can put other things which you want to carry on.Such as business card and accessories, ID, cellphone and wallet.

On the other hand, the aluminum laptop case is fashion. This is better than other soft case. Among various aluminum laptop cases with different colors and styles, you can always find one which suitable for you. Some people are prefer to white aluminum laptop case, but some people like silver.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aluminium Flight Case Application

Aluminium flight case is mainly regarded as packaging box for air transport. Aluminium flight case is extended from air transport to road transport packaging, transport packaging and railway transportation packaging.

The main role of aluminium flight case is preventing product from any damage or collision in the process of storage and transport. Each case is designed and produced with packing goods, in order to reach the goal of protection. Aluminium flight case can be used for packing and transporting the stage lighting equipment, audio-visual equipment, theatrical props, electronic communications, instrumentation, military equipment, medical equipment, multimedia audio-visual equipment, precision instruments, high-tech products and the container terminal.

Aluminium flight case develop quick, at the same time  there are some negative factors to the development. For example, some business man sell seconds at best quality prices. This is a bad method to cheat customers. Some business even reduce product construction cost. So product quality has no guarantee. Certainly using the rough machining, hiring non professional processing staff to produce aluminium flight case will affect the quality of the products. These security risks cause threats to personal and property safety of customer. The results of this phenomenon is very serious.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lining Production Technology Of Aluminum Case

The production process of aluminum case lining mainly includes five steps, they are typesetting, plate making, mold, materials and molding process. The lining detail treatment is very important. The reform of aluminum case lining production is mainly about scientific, systematic, processing details and precision reform.

Aluminum case lining is one of shockproof material which foaming with composite. It can be cut into the diameter size of aluminum case in order to put tools, instruments and other device. After EVA foam is processed same as the real shape, putting the goods into the case is equal that the goods are fixed in the case. At the same time, it will provide a shock absorber. The instrument will not shake free, extrusion and collision. That has avoided damages to goods in aluminum case and protect all instrument and equipment in the case effectively.

Aluminum case has become good helper to people since its reliable structure design and meticulous workmanship. Aluminum case has strong bearing capacity, solid and durable, beautiful and generous. It is widely used in packing and other industries. Now there are more and more people pursuit product packaging and transport process. Certainly the application of aluminum case is also increased.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aluminum Cosmetic Case For Women

Aluminum cosmetic case is most beautiful in all aluminum case. Aluminum cosmetic case is used for loading makeup tools and cosmetic products. Girls or women can put makeup sponge, puff, make-up pen and other cosmetic products into the aluminum cosmetic case. Girl who like making up must get one. Generally speaking, the material of this case is good aluminum alloy and also with many advantages, such as reasonable space, firm structure and good sealing performance. Aluminum cosmetic case is the ideal case to senior make-up and fashionable women.

Cosmetic case is usually made of aluminum, wooden or leather. However the aluminum cosmetic case is always durable, delicate, light and convenient carrying. So aluminum cosmetic case is the best choice. There are many styles for cosmetic case. Such as aluminum cosmetic case, cartoon type cosmetic case, large aluminum cosmetic case,analogy tool case and so on.

Large aluminum cosmetic case is only suit for people who works in film and TV circles. Its size is equal to an travel bag. People can put liquid soap, body Lotion, a full set of make-up tools, hair dryer and other necessary product into the case. Some large aluminum cosmetic are equipped with lens box and lamp. Cartoon type cosmetic case is most popular to girls. Internal structure of aluminum cosmetic case is often with one or two layers. And it also has various size, colors, shapes. It looks very lively and bright. The most important is that the cartoon types are usually not expensive.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aluminum Instrument Case

Aluminum instrument case mainly adopt aluminum alloy frame. Its frame is aluminum profile which is a specialized research and development. We can do the treatment of coating and oxidation according to requirement. Framework is rugged, wear resistant and antioxidant activity. Certainly it looks like natural and own texture.
Aluminum instrument case has good protection for the built-in meter to prevent broken by crash or other external factors in the transportation process. This case is widely used for meter, electronic, communication, automation, sensors, smart card, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. 
The fabric of instrument case can choose different colors to make it diversity in changing. Panel use the ABS pattern plate. It has the advantages of high density, wear-resistant and not easy to penetration. Of course it also can adhesive with many materials. So the case will be more hard and in more stronger bearing.
The world is in progress, the science and technology are in development. So the case is also in changing. Nowadays aluminum case is become more and more in our sight. Usually the most visible is aluminum instrument case, aluminum alloy cosmetic case , aluminum toolbox and aluminum alloy packing case. People like to choose aluminum alloy as mainly material because of aluminum alloy is in low density and high strength. It can processed into various profiles and with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. But the most reason to choose aluminum alloy is its beautiful color and not easy to change. So people can use it for a long time. It is in lighter weight and easy to carry.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Classification Of Aluminum Tool Case

Aluminum tool case can be divide into two types by its application and size. They are big aluminum tool case and small aluminum tool case. Big aluminum tool cases such as flight case and pull rod case are used for out working or travels. There are soft case and hard case to the big aluminum tool cases. The hard case includes double sided aluminum case, ABS case and PP case.
Aluminum case that with aluminum package has exquisite technology and fashion pattern. Its outside package can use high quality aluminum materials and inside package can use EVA to do with shock. Its layout is very suitable. Its materials are mostly high aluminum material. However aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum in some alloy elements. They all have the characteristic of perseverance layout and thermal properties. They are widely used in apparatus, instrument, electronics, communication, automation, sensors, smart card, close machine and other industries. They also ideal body of senior instrumentation. Of course you can not put the case close to fire and corrosive goods to avoid destruction.
Usually you will see some words on the surface of aluminum tool case. Now there are four methods of printing method to print the words. They are flat printing, embossed, intaglio printing and screen printing. Flat printing, embossed and intaglio printing can only print on plane  substrate. But screen printing can print on plane, curved, spherical surface and concave convex surface. Certainly hard and soft substrates all could use screen printing. Surface materials of aluminum tool cases are mainly aluminum plate. At the same time, the aluminum plates have various patterns. So aluminum cases and flight cases will usually use screen printing.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maintenance Method Of Aluminum Case

1.Generally speaking, finish leather only need a soft cloth to wipe. If there is a shiny leather, please put a little leather care for oil on the soft cloth. However if there is no shiny with the leather, you should use gently wipe with a cloth.
2.We recommend that you always clean up the dust before storing leather goods. You had better put cortex care oil on the leather products at first. Certainly you wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth and then wipe the surface evenly. It will avoid putting the oil on the surface and damage the leather.
3.Leather has strong absorption. You should be careful for antifouling, especially for the high-grade brushed leather. Make the dry towel wrung after wet for every week. Certainly, repeat this work for several times. If you have find any phenomenon with holes or broken burning, please don’t repair it by yourself and ask for services by professional directly.
4.Keep the cabinet which used for receiving leather products be well ventilated. The natural oils of leather will be reduced the ventilation gradually with the time or frequency of use. So even a senior leather also need regular maintenance.

We offers a wide range of aluminum cases to satisfy every requirement from light-duty to heavy-duty, smooth and shiny to rugged and diamond plate, stock or custom to customized stock, the possibilities are endless. Our Standard Aluminum cases are available in a wide-range of stock sizes and are economically priced for use as briefcases or corporate training kits with customized interiors.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Advantages Of Flight Case

Now high-tech products of its value increase also determines the carrier air case of the product has the high function of protecting.

The external structure of empty container is composed of harder multilayer plywood with ABS nail fire prevention board into the wooden cases. Each side of the wooden cases adopts aluminum alloy with a certain thickness and strength. Every angle of the case use high strength metal spherical angle and aluminum alloy edges with splint to fixation. The bottom of the case body is made by the PU with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance ability. The case can installation partition in the internal according to the product features. The inside of the box and the partition with soft EVA composite solid elastic materials. This materials has the functions of light weight, heat insulation, shock proof, moisture-proof, anti burning, antioxidant and seal.

The materials and structure of the flight case decide it can fireproof, waterproof, shock proof and maneuvering conveniently. But diversity of fire prevention board color in the visual looks more beautiful. There is high visibility in the field of flight case manufacturing with high precision production equipment and excellent production technology. The flight case has the advantages of diverse styles, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, convenient and flexible, excellent sealing, firmness and strong. It is also exported to Europe,the Middle East and other overseas markets.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Details of aluminum case

1. Material: aluminum frame , ABS panel, ABS corners metal corner protection , metal lock, metal strip
2. Ideal storage provide high protection.
3.Durable lightweight aluminum frame and different panel-design with reinforced plastic corners or protected-corner .
4. Space saving design allows for high quality storage, customized design allows for good protection
5.Durable handle for easy carrying, includes secure lock.
6. when you case drop by accident, do not worry, metal corner will protect you case
7. metal strip will keep your case`s shape better, if your equipment is very heavy
8.Lined with thin EVA, both in the lid and the bottom including a removable high density foam insert, cutout to fit the tools and equipments.
9.Customized design and requirements are welcomed.

 ♦Aluminum Frame Finish and Construction.
 ♦ Reinforced Aluminum Corners for Extra Durability.
 ♦ Wider Opening at Top of The Case for Easy Access.
 ♦ Updated Aluminum Ergonomic Lock  System for Security.
 ♦ Adjustable Tray Dividers for Customizing Own Choice.
 ♦ Velvet or EVA Lined Interior for Protecting the Cosmetics .
 ♦ Case Samples are available and 7-10 days needed .
 ♦ Exquisite Workmanship,Superior Quality,Competitive price.

1.Professional Service
2.Full set quality Control
3.Best Quality and Competitive Price
4.Punctual delivery