Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maintenance Method Of Aluminum Case

1.Generally speaking, finish leather only need a soft cloth to wipe. If there is a shiny leather, please put a little leather care for oil on the soft cloth. However if there is no shiny with the leather, you should use gently wipe with a cloth.
2.We recommend that you always clean up the dust before storing leather goods. You had better put cortex care oil on the leather products at first. Certainly you wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth and then wipe the surface evenly. It will avoid putting the oil on the surface and damage the leather.
3.Leather has strong absorption. You should be careful for antifouling, especially for the high-grade brushed leather. Make the dry towel wrung after wet for every week. Certainly, repeat this work for several times. If you have find any phenomenon with holes or broken burning, please don’t repair it by yourself and ask for services by professional directly.
4.Keep the cabinet which used for receiving leather products be well ventilated. The natural oils of leather will be reduced the ventilation gradually with the time or frequency of use. So even a senior leather also need regular maintenance.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Advantages Of Flight Case

Now high-tech products of its value increase also determines the carrier air case of the product has the high function of protecting.

The external structure of empty container is composed of harder multilayer plywood with ABS nail fire prevention board into the wooden cases. Each side of the wooden cases adopts aluminum alloy with a certain thickness and strength. Every angle of the case use high strength metal spherical angle and aluminum alloy edges with splint to fixation. The bottom of the case body is made by the PU with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance ability. The case can installation partition in the internal according to the product features. The inside of the box and the partition with soft EVA composite solid elastic materials. This materials has the functions of light weight, heat insulation, shock proof, moisture-proof, anti burning, antioxidant and seal.

The materials and structure of the flight case decide it can fireproof, waterproof, shock proof and maneuvering conveniently. But diversity of fire prevention board color in the visual looks more beautiful. There is high visibility in the field of flight case manufacturing with high precision production equipment and excellent production technology. The flight case has the advantages of diverse styles, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, convenient and flexible, excellent sealing, firmness and strong. It is also exported to Europe,the Middle East and other overseas markets.