Monday, October 27, 2014

Protective Characteristics To Aluminium Case

With the times goes, high-grade bags look like transformers because they have more and more advantages. Such as waterproof, shock proof and scratch proof. We suggest to choose the case with good collision effects for people who often has long-distance travel. As we all known, the case will withstand roughed up in shipping process. The best choice is aluminium case. However people who often has short trip is tend to soft case with fouling and waterproof. Flight cases made of aluminum could equipped with external laptop bags. So that flight case is easy to using.

Pull rod of aluminium case is important as pulley. If there is some problem with the pull rod in travel, it will be too bad. Aluminium case has clear stratification. Such as dry and wet stratification, folding clothing bags, file storage and other areas. Customers can choose products by their own requirement.

Some flight case has been equipped with universal wheel. So that people could flat push and translation. Certainly some cases also have password lock. The password locks have a variety of styles. The locks can ensure goods safety in the case.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Choose A Suitable Makeup Case

Nowadays more and more women use make up case. Especially for the people who is in team performance and figure photography, making up is a necessary work to them. Generally speaking, compact and convenient makeup bag for daily making up. But people who need large space to load cosmetic products should get a good makeup case.

There are many materials for makeup case, sun as cortex, wood, aluminum. If you want a makeup case at home, we suggest to choose a wood one or a cortex one. The wood one looks more sedate and easy, the cortex one looks light and beautiful, it can used for decorations. Certainly you can choose an aluminum one when you want to get out. People who often need to carry the makeup case out had better buy a professional aluminum makeup case. They always own some advantages, such as reasonable space, firm structure and light weight.

There are many types of aluminum makeup case, such as double cosmetic case, single open cosmetic case,  portable cosmetic case or pull rod cosmetic case. Some aluminum makeup cases are even equipped with light, some are without any light. People can choose the type which they need.