Sunday, January 31, 2016

Aluminum Alloy luggage maintenance Raiders description

1, using Aluminium Carrying Case, please pay attention to prevent the environment of high temperature, strong acid and strong alkali, the high pressure environment will also let you draw bar box deformation.
2, please avoid the knife this kind of sharp articles cut. due to the hard Aluminium Carrying Case is not able to compete with the knife.
3, please use cold water to clean the aluminum alloy luggage, but please do not press this will burn aluminum alloy luggage skin.
4, the use of the aluminum rod box to avoid long time in a humid environment, such a case will let the aluminum rod box to lose the original toughness.
5, pull aluminum rod box with the regular use of cloth to metal parts for cleaning, so that can effectively prevent the Aluminum luggage fade.
6, try not to let the Aluminum trolley walking on the uneven road, so that the wheels of Aluminum rod box loss is considerable.
7, pulling aluminum alloy rod box should pay attention to a little hard, not too large, so that more fluid to pull aluminum boxes.

Aluminium Carrying Case

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