Monday, September 21, 2015

Share. High Quality Aluminum Carry Case with Foam

Aluminum Carry Case with Foam

Aluminum Carry Case with Foam Details:

Product Name: Aluminum Carry Case with Foam
Place of Origin: Jiangsu Province, China
Material: Aluminum
Inner: Foam
OEM: Acceptable
Size: Customized
Brand Name: Customized
Color: Black or as Your Demand

Custom Carrying Case

Brief Description of Aluminum Carry Case with Foam Inside:

1. This Carry Case with high quality aluminum frame, and foam padding throughout the aluminum case.
2. Inside of carry case includes segmented walls and inner panels allows for high quality storage your tools, cosmetics, watches, crafts, cameras and more.
3. By the fine processing, the style novel and fashionable Aluminum Case is strong and durable in performance.
4. The Aluminum Carry Case can best to preserve the quality and security of your goods.
5. Light weight and waterproof Aluminum Case with a durable handle for easy carrying in rainy and snowy days.

HQC Aluminum Case Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of aluminum tool cases, aluminum equipment cases, aluminum instrument cases, aluminum briefcases, aluminum gun cases, flight cases, and presentation cases.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aluminum Storage Chest

Quick Details
Type: Storage Case
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HQC
Material: Aluminum
Size: Standard size or according to your order
Color: Black, gold, blue, gray, silver, or customized

HQC aluminum case offers a wide range of aluminum storage chest to store your products or personal belongings, such as tools, makeups, documents, guns, electronic products, instruments, notebook computers, medical equipment and audio visual equipment. With the low net weight and durable construction, aluminum chest can be the best choice for storage, especially when you should choosing cases with big size for transportation. We have various sises you can choose for different storage, and different model storage chest can satisfy your different requirement — from light-duty to heavy-duty. Besides, customized aluminum storage chest can be accepted, which means the color, style, and size can be designed according to your requirement and your logo can be attached onto the chest as well.
If you have interest in our aluminum storage chest, email to us to,  and we will offer fast response.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aluminium Tool Cases In Daily Life

Aluminium tool cases use good aluminium alloy material. This material always own strong structure, nice appearance and good performance in heat dissipation. Aluminium tool cases are widely used in many industries, such as beauty salons, jewelry watches, stage, instruments and meters, electronic, communication, sensor and precision machinery. This cases are ideal cases for instrument with high grade.

Generally speaking, automobile tool case is used on accident. It could help drivers take some corresponding measures, including emergency hammer, first aid kit, large capacity of fire extinguishers, foldable reflective warning signs, car inverter, car fuse, pump, walk talkie, waterproof adhesive tape and insulation tape.

Metal tool cases can be divided into three types, they are portable, pumping two and tipping bucket type. That usually adopts zinc phosphating steel, so it is durable. The upper covers of metal tool cases are equipped with drawer locking function, the handle on the top is convenient to carry. Entity tool cases often store different kinds of tools. Such as medical tool case and repair case. Aluminium tool case is regarded the aluminium alloy material as skeleton. And the panels are composed by ABS, density board or plywood. Since its reliable structure designing, aluminium tool cases have good bearing capacity.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

How To Distinguish Quality Of Aluminum Flight Case

If you want to distinguish the quality of aluminum flight case which is made of aluminum, you ought to know the quality of aluminum at first. As we all known, some aluminum material are thick, some are thin. The degree of thickness is not only decide appearance beauty of case, but also the case could keep stable when it getting impact of external force.

Aluminum material must use aluminum which is processed by oxide. Because the aluminum material which without any oxide process will be oxidation naturally and dull after storage for a period of time. That will effect the case beauty directly.

In fact, the most important part of the aluminum flight case is the wheel. There are many kinds of wheel. Such as PVC wheel, PU wheel and loading wheel. Besides the wheel could be divided into single bearing, double bearing, single brake, double brake. The prices of different kinds wheel are different. Some may be gotten in several yuan, some may be gotten in dozens of yuan. Quality of the wheel decide the normal transport of the aluminum flight case. Certainly you had better choose a right shockproof layer. There are EV glue and pearl cotton for shockproof. Density, hardness and thickness of these two materials has the effects of protection and shockproof.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Comparison Of Aluminum Case And Simple Case

Nowadays aluminum cases become more popular than simple case. There are many differences between them. Next I will introduce the difference in detail.

At first, aluminum case and simple case have different appearances. The aluminum case is often equipped with later door. This designing is favor of convection and radiating. However the simple case display unit plate fixed, and it is without box structure, radiating and convection. On the other hand, aluminum case is convenient and with good safety protection. So aluminum case usually has longer service time than simple case.

Aluminum case and simple case have different designing purpose. The former is consider the safety and the service life of the whole screen. But simple case is designed for saving cost. People put their personal goods into the aluminum case to ensure they could stay at a sealing environment. Especially at the outside, the rain or water could not get into the case directly. On the contrary, simple case is often without box structure and later cover. Even it is made with little material and in low price, but more customers think the practicability of the case is more important.