Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aluminium Tool Cases In Daily Life

Aluminium tool cases use good aluminium alloy material. This material always own strong structure, nice appearance and good performance in heat dissipation. Aluminium tool cases are widely used in many industries, such as beauty salons, jewelry watches, stage, instruments and meters, electronic, communication, sensor and precision machinery. This cases are ideal cases for instrument with high grade.

Generally speaking, automobile tool case is used on accident. It could help drivers take some corresponding measures, including emergency hammer, first aid kit, large capacity of fire extinguishers, foldable reflective warning signs, car inverter, car fuse, pump, walk talkie, waterproof adhesive tape and insulation tape.

Metal tool cases can be divided into three types, they are portable, pumping two and tipping bucket type. That usually adopts zinc phosphating steel, so it is durable. The upper covers of metal tool cases are equipped with drawer locking function, the handle on the top is convenient to carry. Entity tool cases often store different kinds of tools. Such as medical tool case and repair case. Aluminium tool case is regarded the aluminium alloy material as skeleton. And the panels are composed by ABS, density board or plywood. Since its reliable structure designing, aluminium tool cases have good bearing capacity.

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